Best OET coaching centre in Kerala.
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Best OET Coaching centre in Kerala

Milwaukee Academy for OET provides quality training to medical professionals who expect to take the OET test. OET online courses for nurses would benefit from a result-oriented strategy. And Milwaukee has flexible scheduling for working professionals as well as college students. We will not only help you pass the OET test, but we will also make you capable of achieving your desired band in the OET.

We have regular batches and crash courses for OET. Regular classes are arranged for beginners and crash courses and for the former OET test takers. Both online and offline classes are available with expert mentors. Our teaching staffs are British Council and IDP Australia certified professionals, so they mentor each student and identify their weak points in OET and then prepare them to the best.

You will not be disappointed because Milwaukee Academy’s OET course for nurses has been designed carefully. You will not miss any tips, hints, or knowledge required to get a nice score because our online classes are scheduled with your time. If you are a working or College student.

made to your needs

What We Offer You

90 Days OET Coaching
  • 90 Days course for the beginners who want to improve their OET skills includes orientation and mock tests.
60 Days OET Coaching
  • Milwaukee has a regular 60 Days course for beginners who want to take the OET test.
30 Days OET Coaching
  • OET crash course for the former OET students for one month includes special individual attention and orientation classes.
14 Days OET Coaching
  • This program is for students who want to improve themselves in the module where they are weak and it includes comprehensive training before the OET test day.

What makes us different from other OET coaching centres?

British Council Platinum plus member certified institution

Individual attention in each modules

Special counseling sessions From Experts in Kerala

British Council and IDP Australia trained professionals as mentors

Best language labs with Digital Assents

British Council and IDP Australia mentoring seminars & orientation program

Online Exam registration facility without worries

Computerized digital classes for lisening and wiriting

Separate Hostel Facilities for Boys & Girls


Top Rated OET online courses for nurses

Speak Confidentially

After attending 9 hours of Spoken English class, you can start speaking English confidently.

For Better Results

Most of our students secured an 8+ band score in Kerala for OET.

Pre Exam Preparation

Advanced Pre Exam Section includes motivational classes and tips for making students stress-free before the real exam.

International Resources

A library, with a rich collection of books, that helps students improve their skills in all four modules.

OET Coaching for Nurses

Milwaukee promises you to deliver the best online OET coaching for Nurses and medical professionals. Our online courses are taught by experienced instructors. You can join our online classes without having a second thought. Proper study materials and weekly Mock tests are our unique features. Mock tests are structure like the real OET exam pattern in order to reduce the students’ fear to take exams.

Milwaukee provides individual-based one-one training. Each student gets to interact with an expert trainer, so you can polish your skills and make sure you are going to take the test without any worries.

Success Stories

Recent OET Top Scorers

Dr Akhil A

 L R W S

Bissy Baby

 L R W S


 L R W S


 L R W S
Start With

Perfect Study Environment

Every Week

Every week, we give students tests in the original OET style, which gives them a complete picture of how the exam is administered, removing anxiety and preparing them to face the exam confidently.


We have a library with a great source of collection that will enhance our student’s vocabulary and reading habits.

Start with Confidence

Those who are deficient in basic English Language skills get a few weeks of spoken English instruction.

Experienced Certified Facility

We have the perfect language lab for students to practice the listening and speaking modules of the test.

Top Resources

We always ensure access to the most recent and up-to-date study materials which enable students in acquiring knowledge and staying consistent with current trends.

Every Small Steps Counts

Result Guaranteed
  • Improve language in 9 hrs.
  • Study Plan for better Result
  • Friendly Study Environment
  • Newly Updated Syllabus
  • Experienced Facilities
  • Weekly Assessments
  • Regular Mock Test
  • Fully Individual Attention
  • Early identify Week Section
  • Updated Digital Assets
  • Practice on Core English Skills
  • Special Grammar Section
  • Live Speaking Section
  • Orientation class from IDP & BC
  • Pre-Test Procedures

Our Specialities

Among other competitors, Online OET coaching from Milwaukee Academy stands out because of our high student success rate and unique training strategies. The key highlights of our online OET coaching are experienced professional faculties, individual focus, and versatile time slot choices for working professionals and college students, which make Milwaukee Academy is Kerala's best online OET coaching institute.

OET Test Information


The OET (Occupational English Test) is structured to satisfy the unique English language requirements of the healthcare industry. It evaluates the language skills of healthcare professionals who choose to work in an English-speaking environment. Writing and Speaking exams are available in 12 separate fields of healthcare to measure all four linguistic abilities. All candidates take the same test.

In various parts of the world, both IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and OET (Occupational English Test) are used to assess the English language proficiency of healthcare professionals.

They are selected by regulatory bodies to ensure that physicians, nurses, and other professionals have adequate language skills to interact effectively with patients and peers, and thereby ensure the safety and efficacy of their services.

Internationally Recognized

OET assesses the four language abilities – listening, reading, writing, and speaking – with a focus on communicating in medical and health professional environments. The OET which is approximately 3 hours exam consists of four sub-tests:

Listening- approximately 50minutes,
Reading- 60 minutes
Writing- 45minutes
Speaking -approximately 20 minutes

Browse to my OET home page and select `register´. Fill the form, including a valid ID. Please use a current email address and a picture that fits our specifications. Read the Agreement and, if you approve, click the “I agree button”. Select a username, password, and security question and answer.